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About Us

We are a small startup company, created originally to bring our unique product CeilingLink Grid System to market. Our idea for direct mount grid systems originated in the mid 90's, and the first patent issued in 1998.

Soon after we started shipping CeilingLink in 2004, customers asked us if our grid system would work with wall panels (see Why WallingLink?).

Creating WallingLink

In 2006 we began a long process of prototyping and testing larger profiles of our grid system to accommodate the thicker panels typically used in wall panel systems. Turns out, it's harder to make a larger version of this profile--it connects to itself--than it was to make our smaller CeilingLink version, and that wasn't easy either (see About Us for CeilingLink).

But we had overcome other challenges in bringing CeilingLink to market, and we were determined to create and introduce a DIY version of an economical wall panel system into a market that is dominated by expensive (including some very expensive) contractor installed wall panel systems.

In late 2011, our efforts at fabrication were rewarded with a product ready to ship; we produced our first inventory, and started building the web site. Now that WallingLink is launched and shipping, we're continuing our development work with related systems, including pre-fabricated soffit enclosures using the same "connects-to-itself" technology that we pioneered with CeilingLink.

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