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What is WallingLink™?
WallingLink is a direct-mount grid system designed for use with wall panels that are 1" to 1-1/2" thick.

What panels may be used with WallingLink?
WallingLink is used with 2x8 or 4x8 panels that are finished with a variety of fabric or other coverings. An alternative to finished panels would be rigid foamboard or fiberboard between 1" to 1-1/2" thick, available at many building supply stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's.

Do you also sell wall panels?
We don't currently sell wall panels, but many manufacturers in the US can supply panels for use with WallingLink. See our Panels page for a current list.

How much does a WallingLink grid system cost?
For the grid system, figure about $1.00 per square foot using 4x8 panels, or $1.50 per square foot using 2x8 panels; figure about $6.00 per square foot and upwards for the wall panels, depending on their composition and finish. Use our handy WallingLink Calculator to determine how many 8-foot lengths of WallingLink to order based on the wall widths being covered. The calculator figures for interior and exterior tracks including corners, and also calculates weight, price, square footage, and the number of 2x8 or 4x8 panels required for your project.

How is WallingLink shipped?
We ship WallingLink grid lengths in custom-made 8-foot cardboard boxes or tubes by FedEx Ground (no signature required for residential deliveries); estimated shipping time is 1 to 4 days to most domestic USA locations from our Chicago area warehouse. Most orders received are shipped on the same or next day (except weekends & holidays). We also ship to Canada for an additional charge; call or email for a quote. Please note our current SHIPPING PROMOTION of a flat $20 to domestic US locations.

Do you ship 4-foot lengths of WallingLink?
If you need to order a few extra lengths of WallingLink, we can ship half-lengths (4-footers) for $12 and avoid the oversize surcharge. If you place your order online, let us know with an email or phone call that you want half-lengths, and we will refund $8 of the $20 shipping charge.

What is WallingLink made of?
WallingLink is made in the USA of the same strong and durable PVC plastic that is used in the framing of replacement windows, and in residential plumbing systems.

What are the actual dimensions of WallingLink?
The WallingLink visible exterior track is 15/16" in width. When used with 1" thick panels, WallingLink including panels is 1-1/8" thick. When used with 1-1/2" thick panels, WallingLink including panels is 1-5/8" thick.

Does WallingLink have a fire rating?
The PVC plastic used to make WallingLink has a Class A fire rating--which means that it does not spread fire, but it does spread smoke and will melt when exposed to flame.

What is WallingLink attached to?
WallingLink interior track is attached to existing walls or vertical beams, or to furring that is attached securely to existing walls. When used in a moist environment like a basement, we recommend using furring against masonry walls to provide air space between the panels and possible moist walls. See our Installation page for drawings.

How is WallingLink attached?
WallingLink interior track is attached with standard drywall screws on 16" centers along alternating sides to furring or directly to existing vertical beams, using the small screw grooves on either side of the track. WallingLink interior tracks are attached in parallel on 48 1/4" centers if using 4x8 panels, or 24 1/4" centers if using 2x8 panels. The additional 1/4" is required to accommodate the thickness of the center joint created by joining WallingLink to itself.

What tool is used to cut WallingLink?
A fine-toothed hack saw or crosscut saw or a power miter saw with a fine-toothed blade will make a clean cut across WallingLink.

How is the WallingLink exterior track attached to the interior track?
The WallingLink exterior track is squeezed into the interior track starting at one end, and working gradually towards the other. WallingLink's joining legs are a little off-center on the base, so that the bases of the interior and exterior track are aligned and parallel when properly attached to each other.

If the exterior and interior tracks are not aligned when attached to each other, disengage and reverse the exterior track 180 degrees before re-attaching to the interior track. The best way to remember this joining rule is: "long to short", where the longer base of the exterior track is directly opposite the shorter base of the interior track, and the shorter base of the interior track is directly opposite the longer base of the exterior track. This description of how to join WallingLink to itself sounds more complicated than the actual process, which is quite simple.

How are wall panels installed into WallingLink?
Wall panels rest between parallel WallingLink interior and exterior tracks. Install panels on both sides of a single interior track before enclosing them with the exterior track.

Is WallingLink available in colors other than white?
WallingLink is currently available in a flat white finish, and may be painted many other colors of your choice. Krylon makes a plastic spray paint-- Krylon Fusion --that comes in a variety of colors and is widely available at Ace Hardware, Do-It-Best, Kmart, Sears, True Value, Wal-Mart, etc.   Click here for the Krylon store locator.

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