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Why WallingLink?
Shortly after we launched our CeilingLink Grid System in 2004, customers started asking us, "Will CeilingLink work with wall panels?" They also told us about other wall panel systems costing between $50 to $100 per sq foot!

Most wall panels are too thick to be used with our CeilingLink grid, so we started working on a larger version of our unique patented profile--it connects to itself--to handle the thicker panels used in wall panel systems.

Our WallingLink profile, a larger version of our smaller CeilingLink profile, is the result of this development work. Including panels, the cost of this system is as low as $10 per sq foot or less--ideal for the DIY customer!

WallingLink is simple to install and can be used with many different panels available from numerous panel manufacturers (see our Panels page). Panels can be removed or replaced when they are damaged or you need access to the space behind.

WallingLink™ is the economical DIY alternative to contractor installed wall panel systems.

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